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about renting

Rental agreement main terms


Rental payments

Rental payments are not subject to VAT, rental payments are due on 10th for each month.


Lease term

You can rent the apartment for a month or for a year or any other time period you like. The lease term is agreed in the agreement. If you have agreed to rent the apartment for a fixed term, upon expiry the agreement automatically turns to rolling agreement.  It is possible to terminate a rolling contract by giving at least two (2) months’ pre-notice.


Surcharges and additional services

Fixed monthly surcharges in the amount of 2,50 €/m2 will be added to the rent. This includes expenses for administration and utilities, including  ventilation, common area electricity, common area cleaning. Water and electricity are measured by meters and after each month the amount of electricity and water is adjusted by the real consumption according to meter readings and invoices. Please turn off the lights when you leave the house and close the taps to keep your costs reasonable.



The deposit sum amounts to two (2) months' rent. The deposit is paid in one instalment.


House rules / FAQs 


Pet Policy

All small well-behaved pets are welcome in our apartments marked “pet friendly”. The Resident is responsible for the wellbeing of their pet and the pet must not disturb other neighbours. As some of our apartments are reserved for people with pet allergies, no pets allowed in the apartments without a “pet friendly” mark.



As Uus-Tatari 25a is situated in the city centre we have a limited amount of parking lots available. If you need a parking lot and we have availability, you can rent one for 40€/month.



There is a separate locked bike room in the premises, please ask for a key if you need to store your bike.


Video camera surveillance

Outside of the house, entrance and corridors are covered with video surveillance, this is for your security.



No smoking is allowed in the house, apartments or near the front door


Garbage and recycling

There are separate containers outside of the building for paper, plastic and cans and general waste. Please recycle. It is strictly forbidden to bring flammable or explosive materials and objects with unpleasant smell into the premises.


Residents and guests

All residents must be listed in the Tenancy Agreement. Subletting the apartment without the written consent of the Landlord is not permitted (including Airbnb). Guests are welcome, but no noise or parties after 10pm.

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